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  • Geo Dinnerware Geo Dinnerware
    R 580,00
    This elegant porcelain dinner set features a beautiful & simplistic design that can be dressed up for a sophisticated dinner party, or dressed down for a relaxing evening around the dining table with family. With everyday durability, this stunning...
  • Double wall6 Double wall24
    R 99,00
    These gorgeous double walled glasses perfectly cradle your favourite hot or cold beverage, maintaining the temperature until the last drop! Made from heat resistant borosilicate glass, this set of two lightweight cups hold up to 100ml, 250ml or...
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  • Sold-Out
    R 57,00
    Venice Venice
    R 57,00
    This premium fine porcelain dinnerware range features a beautifully intricate design with a metallic finish.
  • Teapot Teapot
  • Sugarpot Sugarpot
  • Creamer Creamer
  • er0499titled er0499titled
    R 170,00
  • ER0254 ER0254
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