Packaging and delivery

We would love to offer free shipping for our fans…but we can’t….here’s why

Shipping costs money and we don't want to go bankrupt, neither do we want you to pay extra for the product by hiding it in the cost of shipping, so here is the Pro’s and Con’s of our shipping policy.


  1. We have slightly discounted the shipping rate to the door of our fans;
  2. Think about it like this, since we trying to keep our product prices lower, if you had to jump in your car, drive to the nearest mall burning up a few litres of fuel, in between…getting stuck in traffic or the risk of getting a puncture or being hijacked, paying for parking at the mall and driving back to your home…(with the same costs and risks in between), you would probably end up paying just as much or sometimes even more than the cost of shipping to your door, especially if you’re in a major city.
  3. You don’t have to leave your lounge or office;
  4. We don’t go bankrupt with free shipping;
  5. You don’t pay higher for products;


  1. No free shipping



We package your goods in clean recylced boxes as far as possible....its greener for our land. So sometimes you may get your goods in a Simba box....don't laugh. If we had to specially print branded boxes, our fans will end up paying for it...again by hiding it in the cost of the product. Trust, you understand!

So all in all, we feel this policy is better for us both.

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